Edgepixel Who?

Edwin G. Pixley is an independent astrographer with a modest workshop facility in an asteroid belt in the constellation of Vela. He specializes in astrography, infographics, and astrogation-assistive-design. He also likes beer.




Future Projects

Some fanciful Roccat Power Grids. You’ll love’em. I love’em already.

A galactic map. Maybe…

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The HUD color matrix: different implementation for different areas?

As I’ve tinkered quite extensively with custom HUDs, I thought I could share an intriguing oddity. Let’s try the following color matrix transformation code: <MatrixRed> 1, 0, -1 </MatrixRed> <MatrixGreen> -2, 2, 1 </MatrixGreen> <MatrixBlue> 2, 0, 1 </MatrixBlue> According to graphics software channel mixing, the predicted HUD colors will look like this, with the …

HUD Recolor (Obsolete)

Trying to obtain the golden dream of HUD recoloring: Changing the main HUD color, while also keeping RED, GREEN, CYAN, WHITE separate. Didn’t seem successful at that point, so I stopped. Little did I know how close I was.